Medical Devices

Import & Export of Medical Devices.

We are a worldwide distributor of Multi-Vendor supplier of refurbished /new medical equipment parts ranging from Diagnostic Imaging to Biomedical and Clinical Engineering and replacement parts at a fraction of the manufacturer's cost. ANY OEM, ANY MODALITY, ANY TIME

Our goal is to provide top-quality products at competitive prices with the best possible on-going support and service.

We have forged strong partnerships with stable, quality suppliers, manufacturers and OEMĄ¯s, enabling us to provide an all-inclusive line of parts and support services to supply what you need when you need it. We sell to Hospitals, Clinics, Imaging Centres, and Medical equipment dealers in the United States and around the world.

Medical Devices

Diagnostic equipment

Medical imaging machines,
MRI machines,
PET and CT scanners,
Digital X-Ray machines.

Therapeutic equipment

Infusion pumps,
Medical lasers
LASIK surgical machines.

Life support equipment

Medical ventilators,
Heart-lung machines,
Dialysis machines.


Blood pressure,

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