What are your benefits? Why should I choose you?
Simply, we focus on three areas: customization, support and ease of use. You will not find an EMR company providing all the three. You will be able to customize the application by regular feedback sessions via our support team and will continue to do so until your software has met your comfort level. In addition, our software is extremely user-friendly, anyone can adapt to our software. Doctors have hectic schedules and implementing an EMR is a commitment. During the process, we will train your receptionists and the doctors in your office, to make the transition easier!
Is an EMR easy to use?
There are many EMRs in the market today and choosing one can be very difficult. There are those with too few features, some that have too much information crammed onto one screen, making the process of transition next to impossible for the receptionists and doctors. A major emphasis in our EMR software is the user friendly screens. It is tailored toward someone who is not a regular user of a computer and especially one who is uncomfortable with using software. Featuring simple screens, icons and a colorful GUI. Our EMR has a modern feel without compromising important features you will use every day.
Will I be able to customize the software?
Absolutely! One of our main goals is providing weekly feedback sessions while you use the software. Almost all the products in the market today have no way to change the software tailoring to your practice. Once you buy it, you are stuck with it. We have built our software with the latest technologies allowing for easy changes, quickly and efficiently. Want to add certain features to your charts? Do you want it customized to your specific specialty and practice? Our team specializes in these changes to the EMR. We will continue to work with you until you are completely comfortable with the software.
What is a web-based EMR and how is this different than other EMRs?
EMRs in the market today rely on stand-alone installations. This means you install the product on one computer, but this has major disadvantages. A web-based solution allows access to your patient records from any computer anywhere in the world! Multiple doctors and receptionists can access the application simultaneously. You, as the doctor can view charts from your home, in the evenings and weekends. As long as you have a computer, you can access your files.