Perk Medical Systems delivers the solutions you need, streamlining the process of converting a paper-based office into a complete electronic system, by offering a comprehensive web-based Electronic Medical Records software.

The goal of paperless medical records is a realization. Succeed in improving your medical practice by investing in our EMR product. Please click on the products in the menu to view more information:

  1. Small Practice
  2. Group Practice
  3. Ambulatory Care
  4. Hospitals
ezPractice is designed to meet the needs of Small Practice but enjoying the benefits of a bigger package. While the paperless office is quickly becoming the future, the core and daily routine of the practices, it is unfair to demand the technologically challenged healthcare professionals to use the complicated software’s during the encounter process. We worked closely with practice groups to understand the customer pain points and came up with the product that is simple, easy to use, sophisticated, and affordable.
     ezPractice is designed to meet the demands of the Group Practice specialty, which supports the multi-specialty environment with custom templates for complex diagnosis, Enhanced security, Multi-facet billing under single/multiple licenses, Well coordinated scheduling between the specialists, technicians, and general practitioners etc. The software also incorporates and supports the multi-specialty E&M codes meant for the Group Practice specialty. Enhanced version of ezPractice for the Group practices is engineered to deal with other complex EDI, XML and heterogeneous softwares to exchange the data under the HIPAA compliance/guidelines.
     ezPractice Ambulatory Care features customizable, user-friendly documentation templates allowing physicians to quickly and completely document each patient encounter. The system automatically checks orders against a patient’s information in the EHR to ensure accuracy and safety, and validate medical-necessity guidelines from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) ?maximizing electronic health record benefits. Embedded connectivity helps outpatient physicians expand their knowledge and support.
     eHospital is a comprehensive patient throughput hospital software solution that enables all patients to flow at their best possible rate with respect to service times, quality, safety and resource consumption. It facilitates prioritized patient flow across various hospital departments, providing real time information as to the status of patient throughput, so leaders can manage what is measured. eHospital is designed to help improve the patient care and streamline the processes at the hospital with a systematic approach from Admissions (AE, IP, OP), Scheduling, gathering the patient data, case management, patient history of medications/surgeries, managing the hospital resources, inventory management, billing and accounting/auditing features to its highest utility and advantage.